This project will develop a database - held by the project authors and the Society - of seal sites for any species. The entry for each site will include:

species, country and name of location, GPS location, description of habitat at that site, number of seals, use of site at different season, occurrence of pupping, mating, moulting, haul-out or other, any information collected on foraging areas used by seals at that site, problems identified of disturbance, harassment, nearby fishing operations, killing, etc., legal  status of site (eg within a local, national or internatonal protected area), also legal protection status of the seals at that site.  The entry will include photographs of seals at the site.

The data collected may be used in various ways. It may be useful as baseline data when a coastal or offshore development is planned, to inform biologists of the distribution and habitat of the species, to inform eco-tourists where they may see the animals (under supervision where necessary to avoid disturbance). A particular site may be selected for detailed monitoring in the index site programme.

Seal site data will only be released to third parties or published on the website at the discretion of the Society and with the permission of the authors describing the site. The priority at all times will the conservation, protection and welfare of seals at any site.

Progress of the project, participants, country and species will be summarised and updated on this page.